llys Gwyn
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At Llys Gwyn we avoid the use of restraint, however bed rails and wheelchairs fitted with safety straps may be used if deemed necessary for the safety of the resident, based on a specific risk assessment and appropriate care planning. The use of bed rails or safety straps will be discussed with residents and/or relatives giving reasons for using them. Specific ‘in house’ training on how to deal with potentially challenging behavior of residents is delivered on a regular basis. Restraint may be considered in an emergency situation if it was thought to be essential for the safety of the resident or others.
Personal finance and possession:
A list is made of all personal possessions brought in to the home at the time of admission. Each list will be periodically updated. Residents and visitors are respectfully reminded that we cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage sustained to property brought in to the home. Items are however kept at residents own risk.

Residents may manage their own finances if able to do so and must take responsibility for cash held at their own risk. There is a facility provided for the safe keeping of money and personal possessions.
Fire Safety:
Llys Gwyn is protected by a comprehensive fire safety system, which is regularly inspected by the local Fire Authority and CSSIW.
For more information on Health and Safety please contact us directly.