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Special Services, Support and Facilities
mark We have a wheelchair facility for those who require it for transfer within the home.
mark Residents’ needs are addressed accordingly to a predetermined care plan containing a range of risk assessments. Documentation includes details of care needs, medication, GP and any community nursing or other therapeutic services that may have been involved. Documentation also contains information on residents’ social interests, religious beliefs, next of kin, relatives and friends.
mark Each resident is allocated a member of the care team to act as a key worker, taking responsibility for monitoring, reviewing and co-ordinating care plans in liaison with residents and/or representatives. Key worker duties include caring for their residents and gathering information for care plan reviews which are held monthly or more frequently if needs change. Key workers will regularly meet to ensure that their residents’ needs are being met.
mark Senior carers take responsibility for administering medication, however, should a resident wish to ‘self medicate’ then care staff will undertake a full assessment and monitor the activity.
mark Residents are encouraged to attend places of worship and if this it is not possible then the Manager will make every effort to arrange for an appropriate religious minister to visit. Various clergymen visit and offer communion and prayers on a regular basis.